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What went Wrong with Thugs Of Hindostan?

What went Wrong with Thugs Of Hindostan?
What went Wrong with Thugs Of Hindostan?

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Movies, Bollywood, Box Office, these all are unpredictable things. You never know when something or someone will become successful overnight or when something or someone goes down instantly. Even having said that, it is still difficult to digest how Thugs Of Hindostan absolutely failed at the box office. Let’s dig deeper to understand why and how this happened.

The biggest problem with Thugs Of Hindostan was its senseless script. Vijay Krishna Acharya didn’t write the screenplay efficiently and the character development was weak. But, haven’t we seen in Bollywood enough that even the weakest of stories and ridiculous scripts have done tremendously well, just based on the big stars?

Not that we want weak stories to do well but you have to understand, Aamir Khan has set certain benchmarks over the years with his clever and visionary script choosing. In fact, many new actors follow him on those fronts. So when Aamir Khan chooses such poorly written scripts, audience finds themselves in a state of dilemma as to how an actor of a high caliber who gave Indian cinema films like Dangal, Rang De Basanti, Ghulam, Taare Zameena Par, Lagaan, etc. chose Thugs Of Hindostan.

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Some other big stars may get away with wrong script choices, but Aamir Khan just can’t, because audience respects him and expects him to take the best of the stories and turn them into something cinematically magical. Aamir Khan’s films are not just watched by his fans; they are watched by everyone because he brings those stories of curiosity. That’s why there was a big disappointment from Thugs Of Hindostan and audience rejected it instantly.

Another big problem with Thugs Of Hindostan was Vijay Krishan Acharya himself. Although he has written the script, Yash Raj Films should have known better. Acharya had directed Tashan and Dhoom 3 and both were weak movies. Audience fortunately gave great response to Dhoom 3 but it was a big risk so YRF should have learnt from that experience and a better director should have been selected for Thugs Of Hindostan.

A film of this grandness, this scale, Aamir Khan-Amitabh Bachchan for the first time on screen: YRF should have chosen a director with a matured sense of understanding and capability to do justice to that grandness. This is a very clear and basic demand for such project and YRF did a serious mistake of hiring Acharya which cost them big.

It’s also highly unusual to see the costliest film of Bollywood being directed by someone who has not proved himself to be that expert in such grandness. You see Baahubali and Baahubali 2 being directed by the visionary S. S. Rajamouli and you know, he has that powerful direction and he has proved himself worthy of such projects in the past. So, why did YRF even thought of assigning Thugs Of Hindostan to Vijay Krishna Acharya?

The core problems lied in these basic aspects of cinema itself. When the faults lie there, everything from that point is going to be downhill. No proper screenplay means no character development, no interesting scenes. Even the actors Aamir Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Fatima Sana Shaikh and Katrina Kaif seem less convincing on screen. The music too, was dull. Music has always been a plus point for YRF’s films but Thugs Of Hindostan seems to destroy all that good films stand for.

There is also an external factor which has begun to play a pivotal role in the film’s success or failure: Review & Word of Mouth. 3-4 years ago, this was not really evident but due to the widespread of social media, the news spread like a wildfire. Everybody was expecting Thugs Of Hindostan to be another milestone by Aamir Khan, but when its trailer was released, it was a put-off and since then, there was a sense of possible disappointment in the movie community. It all turned out to be true when the film was released and critics gave it a thumbs down.

Even audience who watched in on the first day morning, rejected it and that negative word of mouth spread. Since 2017, Indian audience has been giving great response to content driven movies but star oriented senseless films are tanking at the box office. This happened with Thugs Of Hindostan too, as people wanted to see an entertainment that was filled with an interesting story and when that didn’t happen, social media went ablaze with negative recommendations for Thugs Of Hindostan.

It’s rare to see an Aamir Khan film to have such a fate because he has been consistent and pioneer in coming up with revolutionary concepts and stories for Bollywood. So, when he gives such generic movies, audience will be going angry and that was evident in its box office earnings.

Well, mistakes happen. Like we said, Bollywood is unpredictable. Let’s hope we don’t get many such disappointments in future. We also hope Aamir Khan comes up with another exciting project as he has continued to do over the years. Let’s forget Thugs Of Hindostan as quickly as possible.

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