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Watch: R Madhavan announces ‘Rocketry – The Nambi Effect’

South Sensation and critically acclaimed actor R. Madhavan has just announced his next project, Rocketry – The Nambi Effect, which will be released in three languages: English, Hindi, and Tamil.

The superstar shared three videos on his social media handles to reveal the news and the theme to the audience. With the teaser to be launched on October 31, Madhavan captioned the video as, “INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH — Rocketry -Hindi first call, pls do share as much as possible my dear dear people. #Rocketry”

In the video, Madhavan is seen saying “There are many personal stories in the world you would have heard about and many more, you have no clue about, but there are a few stories, knowing nothing about them means that you know a very little about your nation.”

“Nambi Narayan’s story is one such story because when you hear this man’s story and you see his achievements then I promise you, you’ll never be able to stay silent. Rocketry – The Nambi Narayan Effect, those who don’t know will definitely become aware and for those who think they know, this will be a revelation. See the teaser on 31st October at 11:33 AM sharp IST.”

Sounds exciting and fun!

It has been wildly speculated that the film is based on ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan, who was charged with ISRO spy case in 1994. The case pertains to charges of transfer of some secret documents on India’s space program to foreign countries by two scientists and four others, including two Maldivian women. It was first investigated by state police and then handed over to CBI, which found no espionage as alleged had taken place.

Recently. Kerala High court had ordered the state government to pay Rs 10 lakh interim compensation to Nambi Narayanan for falsely implicating him in the case.

Watch the announcement clip here:

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