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Tiger Zinda Hai Review

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Girish Karnad, Paresh Rawal, Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra

Well, Salman Khan’s film is a festival for his fans and you can certainly witness that in theaters where Tiger Zinda Hai’s shows are going housefull, But, how’s the movie in terms of script, direction and other cinematic aspects? Read on to know.

8 years after India’s most dynamic RAW agent Tiger disappeared with ISI agent Zoya, there is a mission which needs Tiger’s expertise. Abu Usman, head of ISC, has taken hostage of 25 nurses and Tiger is the only one who can rescue them from the jaws of death. Will he able to do the impossible?

Ali Abbas Zafar and Neelesh Misra has written a story which is inspired by true events so it is naturally very relevant in today’s times. The cruel face of terrorism, involvement of big nations in keeping terrorism alive for the sake of profits, misusing religion for power and then, the fight between good and evil and how, in the end, goodness prevails and bravery of soldiers to protect the humanity, are penned down thoughtfully.

However, Tiger Zinda Hai’s biggest weakness is its length. For an action film, it was too lengthy (2 hours 45 minutes). Its pure intention gets diluted due to that as covering many aspects made it a dull affair afterwards. Tiger Zinda Hai has good characters written and they are introduced at right time. Director begins the film with a preface to the core scenario of ISC and its focus on Iqrit which is interesting. Then, the moment everyone was waiting for. Yes, Salman Khan’s entry. As much as you can enjoy it, the scene of Tiger fighting with a pack of wolves is weakly shot and executed. It’s not that you can’t show a man fighting with wolves but there has to be some kind of sensibility in it.

Moving on, I loved the premise before Tiger and his team arrive at hospital. Tiger’s meeting with Shenoy, his team talks, Paresh Rawal’s character are all fine blended. The Hasan (13 year old) guy angle was also nicely directed by Zafar. All in all, the first half is really amazing which keeps you hooked with the movie.

Tiger Zinda Hai Review
Tiger Zinda Hai Review

Image Source: Yash Raj Films

Although the mega action comes in 2nd half, that is where things go wrong for Tiger Zinda Hai in terms of story and direction. Lots of things are happening in the narrative which make the film chaotic. The refinery explosion, Tiger’s team entering the hospital and Abu Usman not being able to spot them as someone who might destroy his plans, seemed unconvincing. This is the time when the story goes sluggish and it gives a feeling of excessive stretching. Too many dialogues ruin the action film.

Actions were good, especially Katrina Kaif’s deadly scenes when she rescues some girls from city council building. Salman Khan’s big gun scene in the end is also worth witnessing. Like I said, due to its extreme length, Tiger Zinda Hai couldn’t become as effective and entertaining as it could have been. Films in this genre need to be sharp and precise. Tiger Zinda Hai’s dialogues are time consuming and worst of all, none of them are powerful and potent. Zafar could have given a better treatment to the rescue of nurses which in the end felt too boring. Even Katrina Kaif vanishes for majority of the end phase, making some kind of imbalance in storytelling.

After Tubelight, Salman Khan is back in his signature character which nation loves: Action, and he doesn’t disappoint in his performance. Salman looked every bit of deadly and powerful. He understood that as Tiger, he needed to be not only stronger but also needed to show a leadership with his teammates. His conversations with Angad Bedi, Paresh Rawal and Kumud Mishra were good, giving a strength to the story. It goes without saying that Salman Khan killing bad guys, outsmarting Abu Usman and that unstoppable machine gun scenes are whistle-worthy. His chemistry with Katrina Kaif is charming.

Paresh Rawal is the best thing happened to Tiger Zinda Hai. His introduction and character made the film funny as well as terrifically engaging. He proves why he is one of the most respected actors of India. Angad Bedi and Kumud Mishra give fine performances. Hats off to Sajjad Delfrooz as Abu Usman. He was menacingly powerful and was so calm with his dialogue delivery.


Tiger Zinda Hai is an average action film which is too lengthy for its genre. It could have been brilliant if kept sharp and precise. Salman Khan holds the movie with his persona and macho action avatar due to which it is at least enjoyable. The film doesn’t shine in direction and overall cinematic experience.

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