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Simran Review
Simran Review

Director: Hansal Mehta
Cast: Kangana Ranaut, Soham Shah

There’s a strong reason why Kangana Ranaut is one of the finest actresses of Bollywood. Her sheer understanding of character, right significance to each scene and emotion, and lastly but most importantly, the great acting skills which make Kangana the powerhouse performer. Simran is an interesting movie which displays the constant battles Praful Patel faces between the rights and wrongs and how our choices define us.

Praful Patel aka Kangana is a jolly good woman doing a housekeeping job in a 5 star hotel. She is about to buy a house for which she’s extremely happy. She lives with her parents who daily nag to her as to why she is not getting married again. Parful goes to Las Vegas one day to celebrate her cousin’s bachelor party and things change there. There’s also Sameer (Soham Shah) who comes to see Praful for an arranged marriage. All these things create a drastic choas in her life and it is upto Praful how she manages to come through it.

Kangana Ranaut is the driving force of movie Simran, I think even director Hansal Mehta will agree with me on that. If not for Kangana, I don’t think the film would have been as watchable. It’s Kangana’s expressions who win it. There are so many peculiar shades of Simran that Kangana has portrayed and it tells you about the great talent she possesses. From a sweet typical Gujarati girl, enjoying with her friends and colleagues, to brave and bold girl who is not afraid to do wrong when she thinks that’s the only way, a lovable and understanding girl who falls for a nice guy and ultimately, the Simran aka Praful who takes the most difficult decision of her life against all the odds of her family reputation, these are all Kangana’s magical elements of acts that give Simran the quality approval.

Kangana’s funny punches in a casino, that crying when she loses money are hilarious so are the scenes of her talking to Sameer and her parents. She keeps your interest preserved throughout the film.

Apoorva Asrani has written a very good story. It’s not a simple story but actually the constant battles we have everyday between the darkness inside us which comes out when things start screwing up. This is not Hansal Mehta’s best of works but it is certainly a good one to experience as a troublingly satisfying journey of a person.

The single most greatest achievement of Mehta in Simran is how he has sustained the authenticity in Simran’s character. She is always the one of a fighter and doing things the way she liked, however that way is and their consequences. I have seen lots of movies which take liberties in this and fail to give that continuous justice to the character but Simran is true even when things go to the worst extent. She is shown likable but she also lies, cheats, steals and does all the wrong when it suits her. So, there is no aspect of unrealistic absolutely good person but Mehta shows how sometimes difficult and unexpected situations can change your life and bring out the worst in you.

It was a good move of introducing Sameer to Parful. His role added that necessary enlightening vibe to Simran’s life. As much as I liked the robbery scenes, those could have been written and directed a bit believably. Police taking so much time to catch the robber and no presence of security at the bank is a bit over the top.

The pace of the movie is initially a bit disjointing but it doesn’t matter once Kangana goes to Vegas. The slow complication revealing narrative picks up the right tone and interest afterwards.


Simran is an interesting story of a woman who gets in trouble for her unexpected life changing activities. If you want to see how an actress can keep you glued to the screen with her brilliant performance, watch this movie. Hansal Mehta’s storytelling and Apoorva Asrani’s story is impressive.

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