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Review: A Gentleman

Director: Raj & DK
Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Darshan Kumar, Suniel Shetty

Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D. K., the director pair who is making films that are breaking the established norms of storytelling in Bollywood. From ‘99’, ‘Shor in the City’ to ‘Go Goa Gone’, they are really cool and next generation film-makers who are not afraid to take risks and innovate. Their latest movie ‘A Gentleman’ is another different attempt to the action comedy. It has style, humor and action but its story is weak which doesn’t let it become a thoroughly satisfying film.

Ok. So, meet Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra), who lives in Miami, USA. He is a very simple, rule following guy and loves his office colleague Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez). But, Kavya wants someone who is dynamic and enterprising so she finds Gaurav very boring. There is another person in India, Rishi (Sidharth Malhotra) who looks like Gaurav. Rishi is a soldier who works for Colonel (Suniel Shetty) for secret missions. The story is how Gaurav’s life changes when some bad guys start misunderstanding him for Rishi.

On paper, this is a decent story but it is not new. It has been tried and tested many times. What makes its worthy of watch is Raj & DK’s quirky way of telling it. I say this again, Raj & DK always try to make movies which are away from the typicalness of Bollywood which is a highlight of their direction. The film is stylish throughout, with shots of Miami, Mumbai, Goa, Bangkok are rich. The character of Gaurav is funny and his friend’s dialogues are hilarious. The screenplay written for the first half is amazing. Introduction of Gaurav, his office life, his love for Kavya are interesting and then comes the action packed avatar of Rishi. This makes the premise even more exciting. The timelines used are very smart and that is why Raj & DK get full points. The surprise element before the intermission is ace.

All that has been said, here comes the problem. I hate it when a good build-up of story doesn’t last till the end. Once the characters become clear with their intentions, you expect a lot of happenings, which is where the movie goes down. Sure, the action scenes are potent. But, all that silliness with Rishi’s old team coming and visiting his house, their plan to steal the data, Colonel’s evil notions is ordinary. When you have witnessed the execution so far that is so top notch and stylish, such flaws are hard to miss and disappoint you.

Review: A Gentleman
Review: A Gentleman

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Some things in action movies are taken for granted but they still don’t logically convince. Rishi still in contact with NSC, the way he handles Colonel in the end was so easy, him involving Kavya and his friend, is not entirely well told. Moreover, the love story of Gaurav-Kavya gets majorly ignored in this action premise. There are very few scenes of them together and their chemistry is not enticing enough to be memorable. Music is good though.

After a while, you can sense a dilemma of a film that is good initially but doesn’t continue its momentum so is it a good movie or a bad movie? For me, A Gentleman is a top notch and stylish execution of an average movie. Raj & DK can only do so much with a story that falters in the latter phase.

Sidharth Malhotra’s performance in ‘A Gentleman’ is decent. The problem with his acting is he doesn’t have many expressions which limits his connect with the character, hence with audience. He also needs to add more energy in his role and dialogues. That’s how the characters and their story become strong. He does well with his simple shade of Gaurav. His Rishi character is more suited as he doesn’t have many talks but more fights and action. This is at least a better performance by him than his previous films.

Jacqueline Fernandez is also not known to be a fine actress but she does add the flavour of beauty and glamor in the movie. Her dialogue delivery is still very poor. But, anyways, she doesn’t have many defining scenes. Darshan Kumar is great with his villainous role as Yakub. He is tough and gives a great face-off with Sidharth.


A Gentleman is a film that has style, humor and action. But, it lacks the fundamental element of cinema: a strong story. Raj & DK have once again told the story in a fresh way. The film would have become a complete enjoyable experience but it couldn’t keep the momentum throughout. Do watch it for its different treatment.

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