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Shah Rukh Khan’s much awaited film Raees is releasing on 25th January. The excitement to watch this film is huge in film community. Raees also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Mahira Khan. It is directed by Rahul Dholakia.

Here’s our Music Review of Raees:

Raees Music Review
Raees Music Review

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Zaalima is worth playing on loop. The song just grows on you and you won’t get enough of it. The beats, crooning and music, everything comes in unison to give us a delightful romantic track. Arijit Singh’s singing is mesmerizing and you will rejoice the song because of him. Amitabh Bhattacharya has written lovely lyrics like ‘Tu shamma hai to..yaad rakhna main bhi hoon parwana’. This is a memorable music composing by JAM8.

Udi Udi Jaye

Udi Udi Jaye is beautifully created by Ram Sampath. It’s a song which is rich and pure in Gujarati culture and perfect for Garba. It’s always a treat when Sukhwinder Singh sings and he delivers a charming song here but it’s Bhoomi Trivedi’s sweet voice and brilliant tone that wins this track. She heart-fully complements Sukhwinder and their duet works its charm in the song.  Karsan Sagathia’s Gujarati folk singing raises it to a top-notch level.

Laila Main Laila

Laila Main Laila is a highly energetic song. Good speedy start to the track and it is nicely recreated by Ram Sampath. Pawni Pandey has sung it in a way that gives the original song a genuine compliment. The background music with various instruments keeps the music high pitched.


Dhingana is full on desi style attitude track which is high on beats and gives a potent rush and energy. Mika Singh is singing a song after a long time for Bollywood and he amazes as usual with his voice. The track’s background music is top-notch, keeping the momentum of the song alive. It’s a new ‘bhaigiri’ song for movie fans.

Enu Naam Che Raees

Title track of Raees is peculiar. It’s not a typical Hindi title song for crime thrillers but rich in Gujarati lyrics as is the character. Ram Sampath greatly uses different instruments which give an intense feel to the song and add dark shade to Raees’ narrative. The song improvises with its beats which are sometimes fast paced and at times go low to mystify. Ram Sampath and Tarannum Malik do impressive job in crooning it.

Saanson Ke

KK comes to Bollywood singing after a prolonged time. Saanson Ke is meant to be a sad song and it describes the pain and heartbreak. KK’s singing is good. The track doesn’t make much connection as it lacks the uniqueness with its music and lyrics. A more passion into composing would have amplified KK’s beautiful singing efforts.

Ghammar Ghammar

Ghammar Ghammar is a superb song from the roots of Gujarat. Roshan Rathod sings it with utmost passion. Again, Ram Sampath instills a mind blowing energy into the composing. The song is comforting to listen and then the final phase where it speeds up the beats are highly impressive.


Raees music is powerful in romance, Gujarati culture and entertainment. It’s Zaalima and Udi Udi Jaye touch the core of love while Laila Main Laila and Dhingana are full dance-worthy. The album doesn’t stop there; its title track and Ghammar Ghammar prove that the music director is versatile enough to show rich Gujarati culture too. This is a matured and lovely album.

Catch the complete audio jukebox of Raees here:

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