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Privacy Policy is an information website which provides news, box office and reviews on Bollywood movies. We are constantly improving our ways of providing the information to our readers so that they have the best experience on our site.

We respect your privacy on our website and that’s why we have created a Privacy Policy which will ensure that you are secure while using our site and the information you share with us (if any) is protected.

Collection of Information: uses certain information from its readers when they visit our site.

Non-Personal Information

This type of information includes the country of origin of visitors, browsers they are using, referral sites, mobile and desktop platforms and other demographic data which give us insights about your preferences on our site and response to our articles. This type of information helps us improve the site so that you have the best reading experience. We may share this data to third party advertisers and partners to give them a clear picture of the traffic and its pattern on our site.

Personal Information

This type of information is optional on our site. When you visit, it is not necessary to log in to access the information; it’s completely free and without any conditions. However, if you need to comment on any of our published articles such as reviews, news or box office reports or want to contact us for any suggestions, queries or feedback, then you need to log-in with username, Email-id and password. The information you provide is absolutely secure with us and we do not share this information with anyone. This log-in condition is used so that we know your authentic identity and it helps avoid spam on the website, eventually improving the website experience for everyone.


We use cookies to enhance the website functionality. Cookies identify your device and your preferences on our site so that it can load faster. We do not sell the information collected by the cookies to anyone.


We use third party advertising services to display ads when you visit our site. As mentioned above, we may share your non-personal information (location, browser and platforms) and your preferences on our site so that the ads you see are relevant to you. We do not sell or share your personal information to advertisers.

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Last Updated on 7th January, 2017.