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‘Poorna’ Review

Director: Rahul Bose
Cast: Aditi Inamdar, Rahul Bose, S. Mariya

I love inspirational stories. Amidst our struggles of daily lives and stress, they give us motivation to do something extraordinary and compel us to follow our dreams. Well, movies have become the best medium to give us such doses of inspiration. Rahul Bose tells us the beautiful and uplifting story of ‘Poorna’, who is the youngest girl to climb Mount Everest.

Poorna Malavath is a young girl from Telangana who is poor and her parents can’t afford her schooling. After her chance introduction to rock climbing, she starts getting huge interest in that sports. There is also Praveen Kumar (Rahul Bose) who wants to nurture the young children so that they can do something in their lives So, he quits his police job and becomes the head of social welfare committee. All this positive energy from Poorna, Praveen and people associated, make the impossible dream of Poorna’s rock climbing a possibility and a world record.

Rahul Bose has made ‘Poorna’ a simple and precise film without any unnecessary big moments and chaos. He completely gives justice and respect to the story of Poorna and her gigantic achievements. With the help of a comprehensive script written by Prashant Pandey and Shreya Dev Verma, he shows us all the vital moments which shaped Poorna’s life. Poorna’s poverty, her amazing friendship with her cousin sister Priya (S. Mariya), their innocent, caring and motivating talks are honest and pure.

I loved the way Bose directed Poorna’s character. She looks innocent yet firm, sweet yet aggressive. Young children get motivated even by a small encouraging talk and sometimes, these talks act as a trigger for them in the most difficult situations. Rahul Bose’s direction is confident which lets us experience Poorna’s growing interest for rock climbing, her athletic hard-work and her undying attitude even in the face of harsh weather of Mount Everest.

Aditi Inamdar in a still from 'Poorna'
Aditi Inamdar in a still from ‘Poorna’

Image Source: Zee Music Company

The film is very well paced, with precise length and you can see the sincere vision in Bose’s direction. Each scene of the movie is shot with a sense of definite purpose and closed effectively. Like I said, there is no big fuss about the topic but a very honest stroytelling. The dialogues are very real, relatable and joyful. Bose also shows us the mirror of how our society still underrates a girl child. There’s a dialogue from Priya, ‘Patthar kam ho gaye hain aur sar jyada’, which is heartbreaking.

Understand this, when a person achieves a glory; there is always a whole group of unsung heroes behind him/her who always kept their hopes high and helped constantly. Rahul Bose shows that delightfully. Poorna’s cousin Priya, her climbing partner Anand, her coach and finally, Praveen Kumar, the man who made Poorna realize her dream and strength, are the backbone of Poorna’s success and Bose wonderfully portrays that.

Aditi Inamdar as Poorna is excellent. She looked innocent, sweet but also firm when she desires to do the impossible. Her care for Priya, respect for Praveen Sir, passion for rock climbing and the joy of pursuing her dreams are enacted with a blissful ease. It’s very rare from a debut young child actress to perform so well. Rahul Bose understands films and cinema in a way that goes beyond the usual glamour and I am happy that he chose to direct and act in the movie. He was so calm and resolute which gave weight to the story. I loved how he takes time to deliver the dialogues and his soft and inspiring words to motivate the children are commendable. S. Mariya as Poorna’s cousin sister Priya adds humor element as well as a lovely bond of sibling. She does a brilliant job.


Poorna is a simple and inspiring film. Rahul Bose’s composed direction adds stability to it. The movie motivates you through its innocent and passionately real story. It is worth witnessing and applauding.

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