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Ok Jaanu Music Review

Ok Jaanu Music Review
Ok Jaanu Music Review

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The first romantic film of 2017 Ok Jaanu is hitting the theaters this Friday. It stars the famous on screen pair Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur. Ok Jaanu is an official remake of Mani Ratnam’s Tamil film Ok Kanmani. This romantic film is directed by Shaad Ali.

Here’s our music review on Ok Jaanu:

Music Director: A. R. Rahman

Lyricist: Gulzar

The Humma Song

There is a reason why people say ‘Old is Gold’. In 1998, A. R. Rahman’s classic composing made ‘Humma Humma’ one of the best songs but remaking it for Ok Jaanu was a bad idea. ‘The Humma’ song has good beats but it never reaches or even manages to create that peculiar musical vibe old Humma Humma had crafted. The worst thing about this remake is the rapping of Baadshah. It just destroyed the song and its essence. Why not just leave old songs with their originality?

Ok Jaanu (Title Song)

The title song Ok Jaanu creates a pleasant spark. It has fresh romantic energy and Rahman’s voice is always a delight to hear. The beats of the track are fast and the background music makes it an instinctive song. Gulzar has penned down soothing and youthful lyrics. Srinidhi Venkatesh also complements with her voice.

Enna Sona

Today’s Bollywood albums are incomplete without Arijit Singh’s song. Enna Sona is a good song and Rahman’s composing is peaceful here. Arijit gives his heart to this song but these kind of songs from Arijit have become common.

Jee Lein

If you think above three songs are the core of Ok Jaanu’s album, then you have huge musical surprises coming your way from Rahman. Jeel Lein has mesmerizing soft EDM beats with enlightenment composing. Neeti Mohan, Arjun Chandy, Rahman have crooned the song with utmost grace and this song takes you to a different level of musical benchmark. Lovely piece from A. R. Rahman.

Kaara Fankaara

Rahman tries to willfully create a western culture song with Kaara Fankaara and he succeeds too. This is a refreshing crooning by Shashaa Tirupati, Ashima Mahajan and Paroma Dasgupta. Kaly, Hard Kaur and ADK’s rapping is spontaneous and one can wonder why they were not used in ‘The Humma’ song instead of Baadshah. This song has a variety of instruments which beautifully contribute their core to the song. Another delightful creation from Rahman.

Saajan Aayo Re

Saajan Aayo Re is a classical song which is nowadays rare in Bollywood. Jonita Gandhi excels with her voice and her skills in improvising with the tone can be witnesses here. Gulzar gives the lyrics which beautify the song even more. This song might not be everyone’s pick but having such track in the album shows Rahman’s maturity as a composer due to which he is so highly rated.

Maula Wa Sallim

A. R. Rahman’s son A. R. Ameen has sung this Arabic song which is rich in spiritual essence. A heartful voice makes this song like a meditation. Don’t miss it.

Sunn Bhavara

Another classical song, Sunn Bhavara is deep into Indian music culture. With tabla as the dominating instrument, this song is a pure joy if you love serene music and its beauty. Shashaa Tirupati owns the song with her crooning. It is effortlessly smooth track to listen.


A. R. Rahman has crafted a musical album of Ok Jaanu which is rich in variety. It has modern youthful romantic songs, melodious tracks and some songs which are deep in Indian classical culture. Don’t miss it if you are a genuine fan of music because Rahman gives you ample reasons to enjoy this album.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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