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‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ Music Review

'Meri Pyaari Bindu' Music Review
‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ Music Review

Image Source: Yash Raj Films

Ayushmann Khurrana-Parineeti Chopra’s romantic film ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is releasing on 12th May. Produced under the banner of Yash Raj Films, it tells the story of Abhimanyu and Bindu’s love and their memorable fun times together. The film is directed by Akshay Roy.

Here’s our Music Review of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’:

Music Directors: Sachin-Jigar

Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin

This is a beautiful song with a charming background score. Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin keeps the zeal of  romance flowing constantly. Parineeti Chopra sings with a soft strength which was necessary for such a song. Music director Sachin-Jigar keep the music minimal and don’t overdo it and that’s why it becomes a joyful and appreciable track.


Haareya is a highlight song of Meri Pyaari Bindu’s album. It has a happy-love kind of vibe and its smart pace is playful. Arijit Singh is as usual a delight to listen. He improvises with his tone very well and it sets the mood rightfully romantic. It lets you experience the joyful positive days of love. Sachin-Jigar are brilliant in composing with guitar beats and melodious score. Undoubtedly, the best song of the lot.

Ye Jawaani Teri

Ye Jawaani Teri has an amazing retro feel. The entertaining combination of Nakash Aziz and Jonita Gandhi adds a smiling and friendly energy to the track, The music is fast paced and the song doesn’t go dull for a second. Kausar Munir’s lyrics are ticklish and connect with you instantly.  ‘


Afeemi satisfies you to the core. It is gentle, pleasant to listen and the voice of Sanah Moidutty takes it to a top notch level. Jigar Saraiya complements to Sana’s singing effectively. The music is very well crafted which gives a defining romantic strength to the song.

Iss Tarah

Iss Tarah’s lyrics are good but the music by Sachin-Jigar and singing of Clinton Cerejo-Dominique Cerejo don’t bind together to make it a listen-worthy track. The beats are not enticing enough to pay attention. It is an avoidable song.

Khol De Baahein

Khol De Baahein a unique song as all other songs from the album are romantically fun so this one actually covers the passion side of love. The voice of Monali Thakur is soothing and touches your heart. The music is silently effective to let the voice take over with its romantic aura. A matured composing by the music directors make this track a peculiar one in the album.


‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is a very good music album with fun, playful and pleasant romantic songs that are light-hearted and keep you smiling constantly. The songs are also precise in length to let you enjoy and not get bored with stretched ones. Sachin-Jigar has given us sweet and memorable romantic songs. Don’t miss them.

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