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‘Machine’ Movie Review

Director: Abbas-Mustan
Cast: Mustafa, Kiara Advani

Abbas-Mustan’s film ‘Machine’ is an avoidable affair from every angle. There is no weight in the story, no interest in twists and it lacks the thrill of direction we normally witness in the duo’s film.

Ransh (Mustafa) is a car racer, so is Sarah (Kiara Advani) and they study together in Arts College. They fall in love but there are many threats surrounding their love story which can be devastating. First of all, there was no point in showing car racing aspect if the directors and writers are not going to give much value to it in the narrative. It was only used as filler without any sense.

The romantic happening between Ransh-Sarah is also not joyful. In fact, there are no memorable moments between them which can actually convince you that they fall in love. And boy, why so many songs in the movie? It’s not that ‘Machine’ songs are not good but they are simply excessive and eat up too much run time of the film.

Mustafa and Kiara Advani in a still from Machine
Mustafa and Kiara Advani in a still from Machine

Image Source: Pen Movies

Now, coming to the biggest strength of Abbas-Mustan – the twists and suspense. Unlike Race, Baazigar or Ajnabee, ‘Machine’ fails in creating any kind of surprise. Most of its twists are predictable and even if some twists are unexpected, they don’t really create a jaw-dropping moment that we would have wanted from Abbas-Mustan. The problem was that the script, characters and the suspense didn’t feel naturally crafted; they were just added without much thought. That’s why the film didn’t work.

Even the final phase of the movie is ridiculously written and executed. It took the already down movie further downhill. In the end, you feel there are no takeaways from Machine. It’s disappointing to see Abbas-Mustan making a film which didn’t click in any department.

Abbas’ son Mustafa has made his debut with this movie and he has done a satisfactory job. He delivers the dialogues in fair manner although some more energy and passion is required. Kiara Advani shows she has a potential to become a good actor. Her scenes of crying and emotional attachment are appreciable.


‘Machine’ absolutely fails to excite you. Abbas-Mustan’s twists and suspense inclusive direction didn’t work this time and the story itself is very weak. The surprises were forcefully included and felt over-smart.

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