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Kirti Kulhari Quits Social Media, Issues a Statement

Kirti Kulhari Quits Social Media, Issues a Statement
Kirti Kulhari Quits Social Media, Issues a Statement

Indu Sarkar and Pink actress Kirti Kulhari issues a statement saying she is leaving all social media platforms.

Kirti took to her social media profile and wrote, “It’s my last day on social media…All platforms…I think it’s time. Had never been very sure of being on it in the first place…but like so many things in life, I ended up doing it because it made me feel accepted, or it was the right thing to do because the whole world was doing it, or in this case believing that “My work demands it…”

“…All these have been excuses to run away from what my heart had been telling me always…”I don’t belong here” …I really don’t…and slowly and slowly I am finding the sensitivity to spot the false in my life, and the courage to drop it. This is one of those things. Some people use social media to share their opinions…I don’t have too many opinions to share because I don’t know enough about enough things to have an opinion about them…”

Further adding, “My work, is never and has never been affected by what I do or don’t do on social media…so that excuse is out too…I am a social person but not a very public one. I have zero interest in sharing – “What’s happening in my life” with the rest of the world. I want people to know me only for the work I do in different fields. And for that, I don’t need to be on social media.. Yes, I will be less accessible to all my fans but just know that all your acknowledgement and love will always reach me…”

“…Now with this one distraction gone from my life, I hope I can use that time and energy for other things that personally and truly matter to me…Loads of love to all those people who have consistently showered me with love and respect…May you all find the courage to walk on your individual paths…God bless you all…”

This is a  news that should grab the attention of many as we all know that social media addiction is fast becoming a serious problem and people also trying to pretend on social media that they are living a great life but end up becoming depressed.

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