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Judwaa 2 Review
Judwaa 2 Review

Director: David Dhawan
Cast: Varun Dhawan, Taapsee Pannu, Jacqueline Fernandez, Rajpal Yadav

When you are doing a remake of a film, it doesn’t mean you have to create the exact scenario and use the same exact dialogues. What’s the newness in that? The idea is to use the same established concept and make it alive again with a fresh perspective. David Dhawan was so engrossed in making Judwaa 2 an exact replica of its original Judwaa, he forgot to give the film its own identity and that’s why Judwaa 2 fails in every way. It’s a sad thing that this movie gets such a big budget which offers you nothing, not even entertainment and there are so many deserving stories and movies out there which couldn’t find the right producers.

The lazy writing, stale daily slang jokes that even teenagers won’t find amusing, lethargic editing, loudness, lack of rhythm in storytelling make Judwaa 2 a very weak movie. Not a single scene has been done with care; it’s all excessively melodramatic. It would have worked in 90’s but not today.

As you know the story already, Raja and Prem are twin brothers, separated at birth and reunite after 20 years or so. Their father had done a brave thing and had arrested a bad guy but he is now free from prison and will be taking a revenge on his family. The script has not changed much in Judwaa 2. The screenplay should have been effective. Even the action scenes are too boring and sometimes, lengthy.

Varun Dhawan tries hard and honestly to give us the double dose of characters but the writing and funny punches lack strength and David Dhawan fails to make the characters interesting. The film is too fast paced to get a connection with the narrative. Salman Khan in Judwaa was natural when it comes to his street smart avatar and his simple guy shade was also elegant and entertaining. David Dhawan and Varun Dhawan focused on making Varun look like Salman Khan but instead he should have created his own niche and crafted his own version of Judwaa. However, Varun’s dance, some comedy scenes will at least hook you to the story but not for long.

The film is too long with many senseless scenes. The supporting characters in Judwaa were amazing but in Judwaa 2, they hardly add any power and interest. I don’t think this film was the right choice for Taapsee Pannu.. She is capable of doing much better films. Pink, Naam Shabana are the projects which bring out her best acting talent. Jacqueline is good as she looked natural in her role.


Judwaa 2 is a dull affair. It offers nothing new from its original film. David Dhawan disappoints with his direction and the movie doesn’t engage. Varun Dhawan’s efforts are appreciated but he can’t save it when other departments have not done their job right.

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