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Jolly LLB 2 Review

Director: Subhash Kapoor
Writer: Subhash Kapoor
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Huma Qureshi, Annu Kapoor, Saurabh Shukla, Kumud Mishra

Jolly LLB 2 is a mixed bag. It has a big picture in mind throughout, with good twists at right time but it also loses its focus in the latter phases by dealing with the narrative in a lagging manner rather than in a realistic way.

People believe in our judicial system and that’s why they expect from them to deliver the justice but sometimes, the corrupt and powerful misuse it for their own vices. Jolly LLB 2 talks about our justice system and its working.

Written and directed by Subhash Kapoor (who also wrote and directed Jolly LLB), this film has a good story with necessary characters. Subhash Kapoor gives a funny as well as to-the-point introduction of Jagdishwar Mishra (Akshay Kumar) who is smart and jugadu as a lawyer. Once you have a good amount of humor from the character, we witness a tragedy that gives a realization to Jolly to fight the injustice and help the needy. Jolly’s investigation, his marital life and the obstacles he faces from police and opposition lawyer Mathur (Annu Kapoor) is interesting and keeps you engrossed with the story. As a director, Subhash cleverly adds the twists and turns to raise the thrill and suspense level of the film.

The problem lies with the core court-room narrative. The case proceedings were weakly written and even executed with less realism. Subash Kapoor’s 2013 film Jolly LLB was precise and hardcore real stuff in court due to which it was effective. But, in this film, the screenplay was more weighed towards the theatrical entertainment rather than concentrating on the case. Opposition lawyer Mathur and Jolly’s banter was fine but then Subhash goes too far with bringing guards with guns into the court, and making it a funny context was a big put off. When you have already given us a great film previously, the benchmark is raised but Subhash couldn’t maintain that standard in this film.

Akshay Kumar and Huma Qureshi in a still from Jolly LLB 2
Akshay Kumar and Huma Qureshi in a still from Jolly LLB 2

Image Source: Fox Star Hindi

The final act of the film was the one where this movie loses credibility by some margin. Mathur’s way to prolong the case, then Justice Tripathi’s counter answer to that was time consuming. A simple narrative with lawyers outsmarting each other would have sufficed. The best thing in that final act was Jolly’s rapid questioning.

The production design of the movie is great. Typical court rooms with small spaces, files mounting and dull atmosphere are shown perfectly. Even the streets of Lucknow and the locations add realistic element.

Akshay Kumar proves why he is one the most versatile actors we have today. He is a natural when he has to act cunning and jugadu. His initial ways to make quick bucks was fun. I loved the way he acted during his transition from a small time careless lawyer to the man who fights against injustice. His outspoken ways with Mathur, court room talks and investigative approach was synonymous with the character of a lawyer. He knows the whole film lies on his shoulder and he aces in carrying it.

Jolly LLB 2 has a strong supporting cast. Annu Kapoor was engaging as an irritating lawyer. His over confident dialogues and ways to create troubles for Jolly were enacted satisfyingly. He has some of the best dialogues from the movie and he makes them memorable. Saurabh Shukla is a fine performer as always and he is a classic judge. His talks of his daughter’s wedding, his funny dance and his ruling for the case were brilliant. It’s the comfort with which he delivers the role talks about his acting greatness. Kumud Mishra has done so many amazing roles in recent times and most of them were of a good guy (except in Filmistaan) but here, he successfully performs the role of a crooked police officer. He looks tough, threatening and adds the dark shade to the film.


Jolly LLB 2 has a good story which deals with our judicial system and the power of truth. Subhash Kapoor’s direction makes it an interesting watch but the film also has some flaws, especially the court room scenes which were less realistic and more focused on entertainment. It doesn’t reach the standard of the original film ‘Jolly LLB’. Akshay Kumar’s performance is powerful and honest. Overall, it has a good heart but not a completely satisfying movie.

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