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Force 2 Music Review

John Abraham starrer Force 2 is releasing next Friday. A sequel to 2011 film ‘Force’, the film is looking high on action and with the addition of Sonakshi Sinha, it is expected to a be a bigger thriller than Force.

Here’s our Music Review on Force 2:

Music Director(s): Gourov Roshin and Amaal Mallik

Rating: 1.5/5 stars

Rang Laal

Rang Laal is a tribute to our soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect us. The song is pretty basic and even the lyrics are not potent enough to make it a hard hitting track. Overall, the tone is good and John’s rapping makes a decent listen but this song should have been a highlight of this album which it fails to achieve.

O Janiya

A partial remix of 1987 Hit song ‘Kaante Nahi Kat Te’, O Janiya is fully high on beats and the sensuous voice of Neha Kakkar is impressive. The background score by Gourav Roshin adds a good impact. O Janiya’s tempo throughout is balanced and makes the song enjoyable.


Amaan Mallik has given some amazing songs in recent years but now, his music is becoming predictable. Ishaara is a dull composing and a very superficial tone to the song doesn’t touch the musical soul. The score doesn’t change much so it gives a monotonous feel.

Catch Me If U Can

This is another song which is weak in lyrics. Add to that, a tedious music, causing a boring experience. The song’s theme is to create a thrilling atmosphere which it seriously does in the start but doesn’t maintain further. Even Amaal Mallik’s voice fails to make it a good listen.

Full Audio Jukebox of Force 2:


Force 2’s music is generic. As a thriller, it is expected that the film won’t have many songs but even for these 4 songs, the music composition is weak and disappointing. Let’s hope these songs make a good point in the film.

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