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Dangal has a Strong Hold at China Box Office – 2nd Wednesday Collections

Aamir Khan in a still from Dangal
Aamir Khan in a still from Dangal

Image Source: UTV Motion Pictures

Aamir Khan‘s Dangal is on course to complete its 2nd successful week at China box office and it is earning at a very fast pace. It has already crossed the 450 crore mark and the occupancy for its shows is highly impressive.

On its 2nd Wednesday (13th Day), Dangal collected approximately $4.20 million (26.92 crore) which is almost on the lines of its 2nd Tuesday collections. The grand total of this biopic in 13 days is $74.53 million which comes to 477.31 crore.

Here are Dangal’s day-wise collections in China so far:

Friday – $ 2.08 million (13.39 crore)
Saturday – $ 4.17 million (26.81 crore)
Sunday – $ 5.05 million (32.48 crore)
Monday –  $ 2.80 million (17.90 crore)
Tuesday –  $ 3.12 million (22 crore)
Wednesday – $ 3.91 million (25.22 crore)
Thursday – $ 5.18 million (33.34 crore)
Friday – $ 6.21 million (39.85 crore)
Saturday – $ 13.66 million (87.66 crore)
Sunday – $ 14.02 million (90 crore)
Monday – $ 4.95 million (31.73 crore)
Tuesday – $4.92 million (31.54 crore)
Wednesday – $4.20 million (26.92 crore)

Total Collections – $74.53 million (477.31 crore)

All eyes are now fixed on how big Dangal goes in its 3rd weekend. It can easily mint 100 crore in those 3 days as it doesn’t have any competition from other Hollywood movies. Dangal is set to mint a total of 600+ crore from China and it can even go beyond that if it keeps showing such astonishing response.

Till 26th May, it has humongous opportunities to collect as much money as it can after which Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales will be taking the charge in China.

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