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Director: Deven Bhojani
Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Esha Gupta, Freddy Daruwala

More often than not, action films tend to lack the logical storyline due to which the cinematic experience is largely dissatisfying. Vidyut Jammwal starrer Commando 2 is that dissatisfying experience whose black money trail story is lifeless with weak direction.

Commando 2 talks about a mission to bring back the black money from overseas banks. One of the biggest agents involved in this black money laundering dealings is Vicky Chaddha who has been arrested by Malaysian police. Commando aka Karan (Vidyut Jammwal) gets a job to bring him back to India but it won’t be easy as there are lots of hidden enemies trying to get hold of this money. Karan is joined by the team which includes Inspector Bakhtawar (Freddy Daruwala), Bhavana Reddy (Adah Sharma) and Zafar.

Director Deven Bhojani begins the film with a heavy action displayed by the lead protagonist Karan (Vidyut) wherein he enters the building and kills as many as the scene can show; giving a proper hint of what to expect from the movie. But, then the film just never comes back to action but keeps fooling around with weakly written and poorly developed characters which are literally dumb to be in this kind of vital mission.

Bhavana Reddy (Adah Sharma) as encounter specialist officer is ridiculous. Throughout the movie, her extra lengthy talks, idiotic behavior, romance with Karan, all these things make you wonder, is she really a cop? Or Bhojani just added her in the film to include a bit of humor which was not required? If that was enough, there is also Esha Gupta’s character which is a typical over-smart one and the screenplay written between her and Karan destroys the movie’s narrative. Bakhtawar was a good character and his intensity was powerful but there is not much importance given to his role.

Vidyut Jammwal in a still from Commando 2
Vidyut Jammwal in a still from Commando 2

Image Source: Reliance Entertainment

For an action movie, Commando 2 has way too much screenplay and dialogues. I would rather watch them performing action and fight it out than them narrating each of their moves to us. Coming to the action scenes, they are handled nicely with fast camera work. But, their placement is unbalanced in the film as for a lot of time, we don’t see much fights. There is one context where I felt the stunts were highly sharp and instinctive is when Karan tries to chase Vicky on a street run in the second half. The background music is mostly loud.

Moreover, Commando 2’s story becomes less about black money and more about each member trying to outplay each other. After a while, it seems that the director has lost his way into the storytelling. The action and the thrill of it disappear and all that remains is a cat and mouse chase and Bhavana Reddy’s never ending chats.

What’s more disappointing is that Bhojani failed to focus on the biggest strength of the movie – Vidyut Jammwal’s action. I would have loved to see him working alone and figuring out things by his own rather than Bhavana (Adah Sharma) weakening the plot. Having a good intention to talk about black money is fine but there needs to be a strong execution which was absent in the film.

Vidyut Jammwal has created a good name in Bollywood with his genuine action knack, stunts and martial arts skills (Force & Commando). No doubt, his heavy muscular personality makes him a strong contender for such roles. First scene of high octane action and you know; he is here to thrill us with his moves. He even delivers the dialogues with a fair grit.

Adah Sharma, like I said, was a pointless addition in the film but she does whatever is asked from her. Esha Gupta needs to show some energy in her acting. She seems the same in every role with her typical expressions. Freddy Daruwala is impressive. He has not got much screen time which is a bad thing. He is dead serious and his expressions of anger look genuine.


Commando 2 has more flaws than merits. The story lacks genuinity and unnecessary character messes up the narrative. Vidyut Jammwal honestly performs the heavy action but Deven Bhojani’s screwed up direction brings the movie down.

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