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Coffee with D Review

Director: Vishal Mishra

Cast: Sunil Grover, Zakir Hussain, Pankaj Tripathi, Rajesh Sharma

Media and journalism have become one of the most powerful means of information and freedom in the world. There is also a constant threat of terrorism luring us. Writer-director Vishal Mishra brings these two aspects face to face in the film and tries to give us some clarity and bravery.

Arnab Ghosh (Sunil Grover) is the top editor in India who has taken on and outspoken many big political leaders on his show. One day, he decides to interview ‘D’ (Zakir Hussain), the most wanted Don of the Mumbai underworld.

Vishal Mishra’s overall story and concept of ‘Coffee with D’ is fair which show us the real face of Don and the power of true journalism but the film comes as a substandard effort of cinema which has many demerits than appreciable moments. The only character properly written in the film is of D; rest of the characters simply intend to add irritation rather than humor and authenticity. Arnab’s wife, fashion news writer Neha and Arnab’s crew are a torture to watch. There is no real contribution from them. Even screenplay throughout the movie is weak except during the interview with D.

Vishal Mishra’s direction is very loose. Many scenes in the movie indicate an ordinary storytelling and cinema vision. Arnab’s conversations with his crew in the office are forcefully included to make the film funny but it does exact opposite job. Arnab’s marital life too, was needlessly stretched.

The only amazing point of the film comes when the actual interview starts. It’s like watching a different film entirely. The questions asked by Arnab, answers given by D are funny as well as satirical. Mishra shows at this interview direction that he has good knowledge of film-making but he needs to add more depth to the storytelling and character development. Only few good moments in the film can’t raise the overall quality of cinema. Scenes of those D’s men behaving at Arnab’s place with his wife were ridiculous.

This film is won by Zakir Hussain. His portrayal of D is impeccable and he was funny as hell. The way he answers to Aranb’s questions, laughs and giggles during the interview is just brilliant. Sunil Grover is a good actor; he needs a decent director to make a strong character development. He looked convincing as an aggressive anchor although sometimes he goes off with the role such as his conversations with his wife which were dull.

Pankaj Tripathi is another champion cast who gives a nice humoristic performance. Zakir and Pankaj are amazing performers which we have seen in Sarkar and Gangs of Wasseypur, respectively. Rest of the cast was not up to the mark.


Coffee With D is a very weak attempt in showing us the power of truth and journalism. Vishal Mishra’s direction makes the film ordinary. A thoughtful and in depth storytelling approach was needed. The interview phase with D is good but that’s not enough to save it from going downhill.

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