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Can Kangana Ranaut Re-Spread the ‘Queen’ Like Charm through her ‘Simran’?

Can Kangana Ranaut Re-Spread the 'Queen' Like Charm through her 'Simran'?
Can Kangana Ranaut Re-Spread the ‘Queen’ Like Charm through her ‘Simran’?

Great movies and great actors’ performances never fade; in fact they become more and more glorious with each viewing. In 2014, Kangana Ranaut gave one of the best performances of her career through ‘Queen’ and it can also be called as her career defining act.

A simple girl Rani Mehra from Delhi goes to Paris alone on her honeymoon after her fiance dumps her and breaks the marriage. The self discovery of Rani in the strange country, unexpected friends, the beauty of friendship and the magnificent value of freedom are beautifully and simply shown by the movie ‘Queen’.

What made ‘Queen’ a special one from Bollywood is Kangana Ranaut’s perfect portrayal of a typical girl who is afraid of breaking shackles. Her transition into someone she would have never become, the way she outbursts and cries in front of her new friends, the learning of what friendship means and the way she starts living life on her own terms with an experience of freedom, made Queen a great performance of Kangana. It goes without saying that audience and critics were highly impressed with the actress and the movie.

Now, in 2017, a different director is coming up with another good topic with Kangana Ranaut. The film is Simran. Kangana is playing the character of a Gujarati girl Praful Patel aka Simran and she is kleptomaniac and has an addiction of Gambling.

The trailer of Simran was amazing and it looks like an interesting topic of a girl, her core problems and her complicated love life. When the director is Hansal Mehta, you can certainly expect a valuable storytelling so Simran should be a worth watch for movie community.

Moreover, Kangana Ranaut is as usual, looking brilliant as an aggressive woman in the film. She will be displaying different shades of Simran, from funny, loving, angry, confused to frustrated. Of course, everyone will be expecting that Simran will be as effective as Queen. Both have different storylines but it’s Kangana Ranaut and Hansal Mehta, so audience will be wanting nothing less than a top notch cinematic experience.

We hope Simran becomes as great as Queen and we get to see one more magical performance. Simran releases this Friday.

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