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Box Office Predictions – Padmaavat

Box Office Predictions - Padmaavat
Box Office Predictions – Padmaavat

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s grand movie Padmaavat is finally releasing with a solo release. After so many controversies and threats to impose ban on it, Supreme Court gave a highly justified green signal to this periodic film and it is all set to bring in the storm at box office.

Padmaavat has open box office to itself. Holdover releases are not performing and it will be getting 4000+ screens in India, more than enough for it to grab a record breaking total. The controversies have also helped the movie to get a massive buzz and interest in movie community.

The trailer of Padmaavat was exceptionally received and it is a given that every movie fan is pumped up to see this epic tale on big screen. The movie is releasing in multiple languages, in 3D and in IMAX. So, the preparation for it is already perfect.

Although Padmaavat is full fledged releasing on 25th January, it also has paid previews on Wednesday from evening. With such a gigantic buzz, Padmaavat can easily take a 20+ crore opening on Thursday, i.e. 25th Jan. If the film gets all its shows properly without any hindrance in Rajasthan or some other states where it was getting the heat, it can even surpass the 25 crore mark.

We will have to see how morning shows of Padmaavat fare nationwide. If the theaters are operating smoothly, 25+ crore is a definite possibility. Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor are the heartthrobs of India and with Bhansali’s directional prowess, this movie is already on the top of everyone’s list.

Padmaavat can go past the 100 crore mark in its opening weekend itself. 200 crore club is also not a far target for it. If audience loved it, it will be unstoppable.

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