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Box Office Morning Occupancy for ‘Trapped’, ‘Machine’ & ‘Beauty & The Beast’

Box Office Morning Occupancy for 'Trapped', 'Machine' & 'Beauty & the Beast'
Box Office Morning Occupancy for ‘Trapped’, ‘Machine’ & ‘Beauty & the Beast’

It’s one of those days when not many big movies are releasing so the crowd in theaters is not much evident. There are plenty of releases this week but three movies which are showing some buzz are ‘Trapped’, ‘Machine’ & ‘Beauty & The Beast’.

Hollywood film ‘Beauty & The Beast’ is outperforming the Hindi releases. This Disney film stars Emma Watson so the excitement to watch it is high in youth and people from metro cities. Additionally, Indian audience is increasingly preferring Hollywood movies in recent years. ‘Beauty & The Beast’ has shown an occupancy of around 15%% in morning but the fill rate increased in afternoon shows. It will pick up pace in evening and over the weekend.

Abbas-Mustan’s ‘Machine‘ has got more screen count than Trapped so it showing 10% occupancy. However, the reviews for Machine are bad so it won’t have much increase in evening.

Rajkummar Rao’s Trapped is low in footfalls but it has a good interest quotient to watch so the multiplex audience can show improved response in evening and night shows. Reviews for Trapped are amazing and the word of mouth is also extraordinary.

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