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Bollywood needs more Valuable films like ‘Poorna’

Bollywood needs more Valuable films like 'Poorna'
Bollywood needs more Valuable films like ‘Poorna’

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Bollywood releases more than 100 movies per year but many of them fail to create a connection with the audience. Even many movies doing a massive business at box office, not all of them become memorable and actually do a cinematic contribution with their content.

Rahul Bose’s inspirational tale ‘Poorna‘ breaks all those barriers of our industry’s glamour and gives us a simple and uplifting movie worthy of applaud. He directed the movie in such a beautiful way that it lets you enjoy the process of how Poorna became great and gives us amazing insights to pursue our dreams, no matter how big are the hurdles.

When you are making a film on real personalities, a film-maker needs to do a thorough research on him/her so that there is complete justification to their legendary story. Rahul Bose did a marvelous job at it. The story of Poorna Malavath’s poverty, her sweet friendship with her cousin sister, passion to rock climb and her never dying attitude in the face of mighty difficulties are told in a way that are not unnecessary chaotic but precise and effective.

It’s sad that films like Poorna don’t get much screens in theaters. It’s not about box office but when such movies make good earnings, many more film-makers get inspired to tell the stories in realistic way rather than glamorous ways to attract huge buzz. The character development of Poorna was very sweet yet it also shows her firmness and determination at such young age. Aditi Inamdar was a delight to watch as Poorna and her acting was lovely and motivating to all of us.

We need to thank Rahul Bose for coming up with this film which gives utter joy while watching. Everyone has dreams and when films like Poorna inspire us, the enlightenment is beyond the clouds. We hope Bollywood will see more and more valuable films like ‘Poorna’ in future.

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