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Bollywood Actresses Going Strong in 2017 with Lead Roles

Bollywood Actresses Going Strong in 2017 with Lead Roles
Bollywood Actresses Going Strong in 2017 with Lead Roles

Women can do anything in this world. It’s not just a statement but a fact. In last couple of years, Bollywood is witnessing a refreshing change and trend of women centric films and topics which are showing us the realities of our society and the bravery of women.

In 2017 alone. we have already seen so many movies with Bollywood actresses dominating the industry with powerful read roles and giving amazing performances with their acting skills.

Here are the impressive examples of these actresses in 2017 who are showing us the female power in Bollywood:


Anushka Sharma’s friendly ghost story and her periodic time romance in Phillauri was memorable and entertaining. Shashi’s love for poetry and her romance with Diljit Dosanjh with brilliant music and songs made the film a pleasant experience. Anushka also proved that she doesn’t need big male stars in the film to make a mark.

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Anaarkali of Aaraah

Swara Bhaskar’s erotic dancing role in Anaarkali of Aaraah won everyone’s hearts and attention. Her bold and free dancing but at the same time, fighting against the wrong doers of the society, even the most powerful politicians, is fearlessly enacted by her. Swara showed perfectly how our society sees the erotic dancers and its treatment to such profession but also made us realize the vitality of living with dignity.

Naam Shabana

Taapsee Pannu’s spy thriller Naam Shabana made a good buzz in film community. Taapsee as a spy, her tragic past, determination to do something for the country, hardcore training and hunting down the enemies from any corner of the world with her presence of mind, all these aspects made Taapsee Pannu’s performance a standout one. Moreover, very few films in Bollywood have shown an actress physically fighting it out with intensity (previously Sonakshi Sinha in Akira) which stated that this is a new era in our industry.

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Begum Jaan

Vidya Balan is undoubtedly one of the most powerful performers in our industry. She is coming up with a new film ‘Begum Jaan’ in which she is an aggressive madam of a brothel and fights against the Indian government officials to protect her brothel and house. Vidya is looking firm and dominant with her dialogues which are potent. This is going to be yet another stunning performance by Vidya Balan.

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Sonakshi Sinha is portraying the role of a journalist in Noor. She is fun, careless, bored but also changes her life when she gets on a quest to find out the truth about an incident. In her last film Akira, she was highly aggressive but in Noor, she will show her aggression in investigative journalism.

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Raveena Tandon is completely intense in Maatr who will take a revenge on the people who raped her daughter. Raveena is throwing a light on how Delhi has become a rape capital of India and how even in today’s world, the rape crimes are not decreasing. We are sure Maatr will be a thought provoking movie.

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These movies and actresses are a proof that Bollywood doesn’t need a male lead to make the film hit and make its mark’ a genuine and powerful performance is enough to make a memorable cinema.

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