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Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Anurag Kashyap, Konkana Sensharma

Director: A.R. Murugadoss

Rating: 2/5 stars

The film starts with a Sufi quote which goes something like this: Life tests you with the same virtue you have inside you. A.R. Murugadoss’ Akira has the essence of this quote.

Akira (Sonakshi Sinha) is a story of a girl from Jodhpur, who is fierce, righteous and a fighter. In her childhood, her father taught her to fight against injustice. As a kid, in an attempt to fight the bad guys, she accidentally commits a crime and gets sent to the juvenile facility for 3 years. Now this incident has been tagged to her for lifetime as a stigma.

After 14 years, Akira moves with her mother in Mumbai. She faces some college ragging troubles but those are the least of her problems compared to what is going to happen next. A corrupt ACP Rane (Anurag Kashyap) has done a horrible thing for the sake of grand money. But, someone is blackmailing him for the crime he committed. The film entails the story about how Akira gets involved into the horrendous mess of ACP Rane and his accomplices and her fight against such evil minds.

A.R. Murugadoss has written and directed this movie. The script doesn’t help much to the intention of the movie. Initially, the story is interesting but the treatment to ACP-Akira narrative is disappointing. A brief display of Akira’s childhood is nice; her college fights are fun too. As far as the two separate stories of Akira and ACP Rane are concerned, they are set-up strongly. This is what makes the 1st half elegant.

The core of the movie was when two characters start fighting for their purpose. The abduction of Akira, her torture by police and that mental asylum scenario is too much, that too, without anyone getting noticed. No media involvement in such horrendous scam and police not informing Akira’s parents before admitting her into the asylum is illogical.

The script fails to portray a proper justification to ACP Rane’s role. For Gods sake, he is an ACP and throughout the film he never seemed clever enough to figure out how exactly he should keep Akira quiet. The narrative in the second half destroyed the set up that was built in the first half.

Sonakshi Sinha in a still from Akira
Sonakshi Sinha in a still from Akira

Image Source: Fox Star Hindi

Amidst all those fights and chases and escapes, there is hardly any attention given to who actually blackmailed the cop. No conclusion is given to that element. Even the conclusion of the movie was not convincing. Rabiya asking Akira to choose between her and the communal harmony was simply ridiculous. Why should an innocent person sacrifice his/her freedom when police knows the whole truth?

Positive points from the story were Akira’s never dying attitude and Rabiya’s (Konkana Sensharma) investigation that exposed the true face of ACP.

As a director, Murugadoss does an average job. I loved the treatment given to the fights Akira pulls off in college. The storytelling in the initial part was fun. Akira’s character is likable and she really seems aggressive. Contrary to her, Murugadoss also gives us the cunning flavour of ACP as a corrupt officer. So, the direction instills a perfect mix of good guy-bad guy scenario. I liked the timing of introduction of Rabiya in the narrative and her contribution to the story of Akira.

However, some scenes which could have been decent to keep the film balanced, were exaggerated. A scene wherein, as a kid, Akira is fighting the acid attackers and her father is just happily watching her. She’s just a kid; at least show her father fighting with them and Akira helping him out. I enjoyed the college fights but there too, a guy attacking her with a knife is stretched. It is just a college ragging, why involve a knife?

Two points where the direction is shallow: one is ACP and Akira never actually faced each other until the very end. It was so brief. The primary reason for the movie to work was to have a good exchange of words between the two but that never happened. Second one is the climax itself. Police teams confused in their own intentions, Akira being asked to do something in the name of communal harmony was unbelievable. End result? The movie didn’t click.

Sonakshi Sinha did a good job as Akira. She successfully portrays the character of a firm girl and with her aggressive attitude and healthy personality, she delivers the role perfectly. She looked comfortable in those fights. Just like Lootera, Sonakshi needs to do roles like these wherein she can explore different acting aspects.

Anurag Kashyap pulls a decent act. His bad-ass attitude and corrupt cop works for the film. Some punches he pulled felt somewhat robotic. Nonetheless, overall, he carries the role in a justifiable manner. This is his first big role as an actor; previously being acted for a small role in his Shagird and cameo in many of his own films.


Akira introduces a good theme of graceful fighter but its script and direction are so damaged that the film cannot see the cinematic light.

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